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If you are thinking about Homeschool as an option for your children, or have been homeschooling but concerned that you don't have the expertise or time to dedicate and ensure your child gets the middle and high school education they will need for their futures, the Homeschool Club is here for you!  We have 3 options to choose from (listed below)!

What makes the Homeschool Club unique?


Classroom: Your homeschool student will work independently in our classroom designed for educational success. Students are given wellness breaks and encouragement to stay on task. Hours are M-F 8:30am-1:30pm. Students may attend full or part-time.


Supervision/Support: Our classroom director, Amanda Duquette has been an active member of the alternative education and homeschooling community in Maine since the early 2000's. Amanda also successfully homeschooled her own two children and takes pride in assisting other students on their educational journey.


Sports/Physical FitnessDuring their "gym" block, students will play sports such as basketball, soccer and have the opportunity to train in 24/7 Fitness with a fitness trainer upon request.


Socialization: Students in the Homeschool Club and the XL Academy engage with peers in a safe environment and are given daily opportunities to build friendships and become leaders.

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24/7 Fitness: Families of Homeschool Club participants get a FREE gym membership for their entire household! Our fitness center is open 24 hours and has everything you need for a well balanced workout!


Curriculum & Cost: We offer three options and price points. 

1. The student already comes with homeschool curriculum and end of year certification plan. XL provides the classroom, support, sports and socialization. $500/month

2. Our staff assists with building your child's homeschool curriculum by choosing courses from the Edmentum course catalog and your student will qualify to receive an Annual Certification of homeschool completion from XL Academy Headmaster upon completion of the program and state required attendance. $585/month

3. EdOptions Curriculum: EdOptions is the nation's leader in online education instruction. Each class has a certified teacher assigned to work with students as they go through their schedules and are there

 for support via video chat, phone and email. The coursework is individualized to meet the goals and needs of every student.  $700/month

Interested in finding out if the Homeschool Club is the right fit for your teen?

Schedule a tour today! 

*Financial Aid and scholarships are available

contact: for more information

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