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Name:  Lenny Holmes

Title: Headmaster

Lenny has his Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and has been working in Maine school's since 1988. He is currently the Director of Alternative Education at MSAD #6 and is the President of Maine Association. He has also been involved in basketball in Maine in many different capacities. 

His passion is to develop educational plans to help Maine students succeed at their highest potential. Lenny will work with all students to ensure they meet all requirements both through the state level and the NCAA. Mr. Holmes promise is that NO STUDENT who attends XL Sports World Academy will be put at an academic disadvantage.  In fact, they will have many advantages not afforded to public school students.

Lenny's daughter, Mackenzie Holmes, is currently a sophomore playing for Indiana University, a Top 20 team in the country. She was a Big Ten All Freshman Team member and set the school record for field goal %. Lenny recently commented "If this program would have been available when Mackenzie was playing in High School, I can't imagine how more well prepared she would have been and who knows what level she might have attained. I  can truly say this is an opportunity any serious athlete should consider strongly!"

Name: Coach Abi Davids

Title: Director of Basketball Training

Coach Abi is considered one of Maine's top basketball trainers.  Coach Dick Whitmore, formerly of Colby College and member of the New England and Maine Basketball Hall of Fame had this high praise to share about Coach Abi: "Through five decades of working in basketball, I have had the opportunity to see thousands of teachers of the game.  Abi Davids is one of the top two teachers I have seen in action. Knowledgable, well organized, enthusiastic and patient, Abi teaches to players of all levels and creates reality within his instruction model. Having had three granddaughters develop splendidly under his tutelage, there is no doubt in my mind that Abi is a once in generation instructor and I recommend him without reservation."

Coach Abi's Resume Includes:

  • Director of XL Thunder Basketball

  • Colleges: New England College

                        College of St Rose

  • Played 3 years of pro/semi pro basketball in England

  • Head Coach at University College London (National Champions)

  • Head Basketball Coach of Brentwood Fire (English National Champions)

  • Head Coach of Chelmsford Lions (English finalists)

  • Director of Basketball at ReddenCourt School (English county champions 3 consecutive years)

Coach Abi's Mission Statement: "As a coach, I try to break the game of basketball down to its smallest, intangible parts and pay close attention to the details. I care more about the players' growth than their worth. It is very important to me that each player in the Academy feels supported, valued and has access to the tools that they need to maximize their full physical and mental capabilities as an athlete, and more important, better people!" #FAMONTHREE

Name: Coach Jamie Kelly

Title: Director of  Soccer 


Jamie comes to us with vast experience. He has coached for 7 years running competitive and recreational programs. Jamie worked for Global Premier Soccer in Orlando coaching competitive teams and ran recreational programs in and around Orlando. After his time in Orlando, he joined XL and went straight to Pennsylvania to run the youth soccer there and has been in Maine now running all  the youth and adult programming. Jamie’s expertise and knowledge of soccer has shown over the past few years seeing the Youth Development program grow over 3 times in size, he will also be the lead in running Maine’s newest youth soccer club, FC America.

Jamie, originally from Helmsdale Scotland came to the States after gaining a soccer scholarship to play at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, MO. He has played soccer his whole life and now coaches the game at a very high level for all age groups and levels. 

He is very passionate about the game and is a very enthusiastic coach who will make sure every child on the field is having fun, but also learning the correct technique and skills to be able to play soccer to the best of their ability. Jamie is ready to pass down his knowledge to the best and most elite players here in Maine. 

Name:  Amanda Duquette

Title: Classroom Director


Amanda has been an active member of the alternative education and homeschooling community in Maine since the early 2000’s. Amanda also successfully homeschooled her own two children and takes pride in assisting other students on their educational journey. Amanda is also the Creatress of the non-profit organization “Music and Magic,” enriching lives with the magic of music since 2009 as well as a certified yoga instructor. As XL Academy’s classroom director, she hopes to continue to inspire students to achieve mental wellness, nurture students’ independence, and provide support to students’ educational success. 

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