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What type of Basketball or Soccer and Sports Training should I expect? 


XL Academy delivers top level basketball instruction developed by Abi Davids, Director of the XL Thunder Basketball program and top level soccer program developed by Jamie Kelly, XL Soccer Director. The instruction, just like the education, is personally designed for each athlete to maximize players potential. The students will also work with a sports conditioning trainer off the court to help them become more flexible, stronger and well-balanced athletes. Simply put, anyone who is serious about wanting to play basketball or soccer at the collegiate level, would be making a mistake by not considering XL Academy as viable option.


”The basketball training has brought up everyone’s level of play. Coach Abi comes in with new fun and competitive drills everyday for us. It’s the part of the day that I look forward to most.”

Addie Sulikowski, XL Academy student

”Training with our conditioning coach has helped my stability and has enhanced my ability to stay healthy and on the court. I have noticed a real change in my strength and level of play.”


Mikenzie Davis, XL Academy student

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